[Autumn Leaves] Recommended for a day trip from Tokyo Fukuroda Falls and Hananuki Valley / Ryujinkyo [Japan’s Three Greatest Temples] [Recommended for tourists visiting Japan]

Take a day trip to Fukuroda Falls

During the autumn foliage, sightseeing in Fukuroda Falls, Japan’s three major temples, is recommended because it can be a day trip away from Tokyo. Let’s take a look at recommended sightseeing spots.

The autumn leaves period is different every year, but I also examined the autumn leaves period.

Fukuroda Falls

It’s one of the three famous Japanese shrines and it’s a superb view of the autumn leaves. The autumn season is said to be from early November to mid-November.

Hananuki Valley

It is said to be one of the best views in Ibaraki, and it is recommended to follow the tunnel and mountain stream of autumn leaves. The autumn leaves are usually from mid-November to late November.


This is a spectacular spot that has become a hot topic in TV commercials. The autumn leaves are usually from mid-November to late November. The Ryujin Suspension Bridge is also famous.

Itinerary or lunch

How about such an itinerary?

Tokyo-Hananuki Valley-1 hour-Fukuroda Falls-1 hour and a half-Ryujinkyo-Tokyo

I still want to leave Tokyo early in the morning. On the way, I think that meals that feel autumn such as matsutake mushrooms, chestnuts and maiko are also good for lunch. From evening to night, you can return to Tokyo from areas such as Tokyo, Saitama, and Kanagawa.

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