30 minutes by plane from Naha Beautiful Kume Island sightseeing [relaxing]

Hiyajo Banta

Am I the only one who wants to forget time and spend time leisurely? If you find it difficult to take a long vacation, you may be able to take it for about 3 days. If you want to spend a relaxing time away from the noisy city, why not try Kume Island.


Tatami stone

From Kanto and Kansai, you will fly to Kume Island. Since it is necessary to go through Naha Airport once, I think it is recommended to take a morning flight and arrive around noon for sightseeing.

The recommended route for sightseeing on Kume Island looks like this.

Day 1: Naha = Arrival at Kumejima = Goeda pine = Ghost slope = Mifuga = Hiyajo Banta = Maja’s Chula Fukugi = Oujima / Tatamiishi

Goeda pine * Ryukyu pine, a nationally designated natural monument. It is a powerful pine tree that branches in all directions.
Ghost slope * It is an uphill that looks like it is going down.
Mifuga * A strange rock on a cliff by the sea.
Hiyajo Banta * It is a cliff with a height of 200m.
Shinsei’s Chula Fukugi * I think it’s a good idea to take a walk through the village.
Oujima / Tatamiishi * It is an art like a turtle shell created by nature.
Day 2: Relax at the hotel in the morning. You can spend a relaxing day, but if you want to go sightseeing somewhere in the afternoon, why not take a glass-bottom boat to Hate Beach on an uninhabited island.

Hate no Hama: A beautiful white sand island located on the eastern side off Kume Island. The entire island is covered with sand and there is nothing to block, so you can feel the sea and sky with your whole body.
Day 3: Spend your time until check-out in the morning and enjoy the beautiful Kume Island a little more if you have time to fly. From Kume Island = Naha

The route is like going around Kume Island.

It’s just an example, so why not take a leisurely sightseeing tour of Kume Island that suits you?


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