Autumn scenery that is dyed in red going on a day trip Kokia [Hitachi Seaside Park] [Cosmos]

Hitachi kaihin park

At Hitachi Seaside Park, a state-run hotel that you can go on a day trip from Tokyo, how about slowly enjoying the flowers with your family? In October of each year, the leaves are vividly colored, and Miharashi no Oka is dyed bright red. You can also see the co-starring with colorful cosmos of red, white and pink.

【ひたち海浜公園】グラデーションコキア (2018年撮影)[4K]| Gradation Kochia 2018
【ひたち海浜公園】赤コキア (2018年撮影)[4K]| Red Kochia 2018[4K]

Kokia is an annual grass that changes size and color as it grows. The youthful green Kokia is like a marimo, and the brown withered Kokia makes it look like a hedgehog. It looks like a living creature. You can see green kokia from early July to mid-September, gradient kokia from late September to early October, red kokia in mid-October, and golden kokia in late October. Also, cosmos can be seen in October, so it is especially recommended to enjoy flowers during this period.


How about a schedule like this

Tokyo-Michi-no-Eki Kuraga no Satoko-Hitachi Seaside Park-Pear Hunting-Tokyo

Shopping at Igaraki Prefecture’s largest roadside station, Magaranosato Koga, Ibaraki Prefecture is the second largest producer of pears in the country, so it’s okay to pick up fresh and fresh pears.


In the case of a car, it is near Kita Kanto Expressway-Hitachinaka Toll Road Hitachi Seaside Park IC.

In the case of buses and trains, it takes about 85 minutes by JR JR Joban Line Limited Express from Shinagawa Station to Katsuta Station. From Katsuta Station, take a local bus from Katsuta Station East Exit No. 2 to Kaihin Park West Exit, or about 20 minutes to Kaihin Park South Exit. From the end of September to the beginning of November, it is convenient because a dedicated direct bus is available.

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