Visiting 5 islands in the Miyako Islands. Drive the Irabu Bridge, Ikema Bridge, and Kurima Bridge.

If you want to go sightseeing in a resort in Japan, how about the Miyako Islands?

I would like to stay at a resort hotel on a remote island of Okinawa and forget about my busy schedule and relax.

If you want to go sightseeing as well as relax, you can visit the 5 islands of the Miyako Islands at once in about 3 days.

After 3 days of sightseeing, you can make a leisurely schedule.

Visiting 5 islands in the Miyako Islands

If you are going sightseeing in the Miyako Islands, I would like to have at least 3 days. Rent a car and enjoy your drive.

If you want to go, visit Miyako, Irabu, Shimoji, Kurima, and Ikema on the 5 islands of the Miyako Islands.

The ideal schedule for the first day is to depart from Tokyo in the morning, pass through Naha, and arrive in Miyako in the afternoon. When you arrive in Miyako, let’s rent a car! Of course, don’t forget to make a reservation in advance.

Sightseeing route

Miyako clothes = Drive 3450m long Irabu Ohashi = Irabu sightseeing (Sawada beach, Wataguchi beach, etc.) = Shimojishima sightseeing (Toriike) = Shimoji airport = Miyakojima
Imgya Marine Garden = Higashi Heian Nazaki = Miyakojima Kaihokan = Drive the Ikema Bridge with a total length of 1425m = = Snow Salt Factory = Miyakojima Undersea Park = Shimajiri Mangrove Forest = Sand Mountain Beach = Miyakojima
Drive the Kurima Bridge with a total length of 1690m = Ryuuguujo Observatory = Island Station Miyako = From Miyako
The drive of Irabu Ohashi, Ikema Ohashi, and Kurima Ohashi will be refreshing!

For accommodation, I think it is better to choose a location near the beach in Miyako.

In addition to driving such as Ohashi, we will introduce the details of each sightseeing spot that is full of highlights.

Toriike * A national natural monument with a beautiful deep cobalt blue
Imgya Marine Garden * The transparency of the sea is overwhelming at the beach park that makes the best use of natural modeling
Higashi Heian Nazaki * One of the most scenic spots on Miyakojima
Ikema Island Sightseeing: Overlooking Nishi-Heian Nazaki and Ogami Island
Yukishio salt factory * Yukishio factory tour
Miyakojima Underwater Park * Powerful
Shimajiri Mangrove Forest * Miyakojima’s largest mangrove colony
Ryuuguujo Observatory * You can see Yonaha Maehama Beach and sugar cane fields on the opposite bank.
Island Station Miyako * Souvenirs here!
If you have come to Miyakojima for accommodation, it is recommended to look for a luxurious location near the beach.


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