It is good to spend Christmas in Hakodate. [Illumination 11 / 30-12 / 25] [Hakodate Christmas Fantasy]

How about spending Christmas after December is approaching? Many people are thinking about that.

It ’s a boring Christmas that you can do in the same neighborhood this year. Why don’t you just go out for a while because it is an event once a year?

Here are some wonderful Christmas events.

Hakodate Christmas Fantasy

From Hakodate Christmas Fantasy Information Poster

Hakodate Christmas Fantasy will be held from Saturday, November 30th. On the sea of ​​Hakodate Port, a large Christmas tree of about 20m in height is colored with illuminations that change color over time, and its shine is like a starry sky. The venue where the illuminations shine, the red brick warehouses, the pure white snow, and the clear night sky that envelops them create a fantastic world as if you were in a dream. Every day around 18:00, the fireworks display with the lighting of the tree. There are also many special events organized around the weekend.


November 30 (Sat)-December 25 (Wed) 2019

Tree illumination lighting time: 16: 30-17: 45, 18: 00-22: 00 * Lighting from 18:00 on November 30

There is also a Premium Red Tree that appears 3 times a day, 15 minutes each, so I want to see it without missing. Premium red tree lighting time: 18: 30-18: 45, 19: 30-19: 45, 20: 30-20: 45

Hakodate Christmas Fantasy Official CM


The venue will be in front of the Suehirocho Red Brick Warehouses in Hakodate, Hokkaido.

Public transport information
Transportation Details Contact
Tram Hakodate Municipal Train “Cross Street” Get off at about 5 minutes on foot From Hakodate City Corporate Bureau Transportation Department [Route Guide]
Local bus Hakodate bus “Meijikan-mae” bus stop, about 2 minutes on foot Hakodate bus [Location search]
Taxi Arrival at “Christmas Fantasy Venue” Hakodate Higher Association [official site]
From November 29th (Friday) to December 25th (Wednesday) is the traffic regulation period.

November 30 (Sat) and December 24 (Tue)-25 (Wed): 13:00-22:00
Period other than above: 16: 15-20: 30 * Friday November 29th

Itinerary with 2 days and 1 night

How about such an itinerary?

Haneda Airport-Hakodate Airport-Trappistine Monastery-Mount Hakodate Ropeway-Hakodate Mountain Night View Award-Hakodate Christmas Fantasy-Sightseeing in Hakodate City

Trappistine Monastery * The first female monastery in Japan. A 30-minute to 1-hour walk around the monastery is a good idea.
Hakodate Ropeway * Ropeway will take about 3 minutes to reach the summit. Appreciation of the night view of Mount Hakodate It is said that it is one of the three biggest night views in Japan.
Hakodate Fantasy * The city of Hakodate is colored with about 20,000 light bulbs.
Christmas once a year. And I want to have a wonderful last event this year. If you are a family with small children or you want to avoid Christmas crowds, you can change the date a little because you are doing from November 30th to December 25th. On Christmas day, you can spend a different time slowly.

By the way, during this period, the hotel will soon be fully booked, so we recommend that you book early. is a great choice for booking hotels in Hakodate. I am relieved because the price is reasonable and the payment can be made locally.

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