7 recommended Sapporo sightseeing spots in Hokkaido [Free Action]

Sapporo sightseeing recommended

Why don’t you go to Hokkaido for a short holiday such as 3 consecutive holidays? If you are from Haneda Airport or Narita Airport, you will arrive to New Chitose in about an hour and a half by plane. It is not far from Kansai Airport in about 2 hours.

For those who don’t know it’s a group tour, it’s hard to act on time. Especially with small children, it is very difficult.

Here are some recommended sightseeing spots for those who want to act freely.

A lot of different airlines such as Jetstar, Peach, Skymark, ANA, JAL are flying to New Chitose Airport.

Arrival at New Chitose Airport

When you arrive at New Chitose Airport, go to Sapporo by bus or train. I think you can rent a car, but parking is hard, so you can enjoy it by train, subway, bus, etc. in Sapporo.

As well known hotel, there are station and bus stop nearby, so it’s easy to move and there is no problem. As a precaution, we recommend that you make a reservation after confirming that there is a bus or station from the airport near the hotel you are booking.

To Sapporo arrival hotel

First, leave your luggage in a coin locker at a hotel or station. If you can check in, you should check in. It is difficult to move with heavy luggage, so if you can make a convenient hotel such as Yasukino area near Sapporo Station, it will be easy to move.

7 sightseeing spots in Sapporo

Sapporo Station / JR Tower

JR Tower directly connected to Sapporo Station has facilities such as Apia, Esta and Paseo, where you can enjoy shopping and dining. You can also see Sapporo city from the JR Tower observation room.

In addition, please try to eat ramen if it is Hokkaido because it can be called the ramen continent. In Sapporo and the Menn Republic, there are 8 major ramen shops that have been carefully selected, mainly in Sapporo.

Odori Park / Sapporo TV Tower

Odori Park is famous for the Sapporo Snow Festival in February. However, there are many people who are picnic with beautiful flowers in the flower bed even in other seasons. We also recommend Sapporo’s summer tradition “Toukibi Wagon”. For a limited time from late April to mid-October, you can enjoy Hokkaido corn, yaki and boiled. Both are priced at 300 yen each, and there is a “Retort and Acne” for souvenirs.

The scenery of Sapporo TV Tower and Odori Park seen from here is famous.

Sapporo clock tower

There is also the Sapporo Clock Tower, which was the former Sapporo Agricultural School Ensemble, a few minutes walk from Odori Park. It ’s a popular spot for photography.


Susukino is an amusement district. There are many shops in the building that make the night entertainment district busy until morning, such as cafes, bars, taverns, ramen shops, and customs shops.

There are arcade streets such as Tanukikoji Shopping Street where you can enjoy shopping.

Since I came to Sapporo, I would like to go to the original Sapporo Ramen Yokocho. Especially on Saturdays and Sundays, lunch and dinner are crowded, so if you are not good at crowding, you may want to aim at the end of the peak hours.

It’s a short walk from Odori Park, but it’s just a short ride on the subway. Of course, you can also go from JR Sapporo Station.

White lover park

Shiroi Koibito Park is a place where you can see production lines such as Shiroi Koibito, content to learn about the history of chocolate, cafes where you can enjoy ISHIYA original sweets, and even make your own white lover. It is a chocolate entertainment facility where you can taste and experience. The English-style garden, where roses bloom in summer and illuminations in winter, is recommended for commemorative photos. You can go by subway or bus.

Sapporo Beer Museum

This is the only beer museum in Japan where you can experience the history of Sapporo Beer inherited from the 1876 Hokkaido Development Project. You can taste the authentic beer, such as a tour of the factory and a comparison of beer drinks. It is convenient to get on the bus.

Sapporo Moiwayama Ropeway

There are also buses from Sapporo Station. I think it would be better to go to Mt. Moiwa Ropeway in the evening when it gets dark. From the summit observatory, you can see the cityscape of Sapporo, the magnificent Ishikari Plain and Ishikari Bay, and the magnificent view of magnificent mountains in the distance. When the sun goes down, it turns into a romantic night view spot where colorful gems shine, and you can get drunk with the gorgeous night view of Sapporo. The most luxurious moments that impress you from the bottom of your heart are waiting for you.


Some of the items in the close area were grouped together. There are many other places where you can still enjoy, but I introduced the places that I want to go especially once. You can go all around if you want to go around in a day, but if you can, I would like to enjoy it slowly for about 2 days considering the time to enjoy shopping and the taste of Hokkaido.

Recommended dates

First day
New Chitose Airport-Sapporo Station-Clock Tower-Odori Park-Susukino

the 2nd day
Sapporo Station-White Sweetheart Park-Sapporo Beer Museum-Mt. Moiwa Ropeway

Why don’t you turn around slowly like this? Assume that you go to the airport on the third day. If the third day is early in the morning, stay at a hotel near the airport. There are many free shuttle buses from the hotel. Click here for hotels near Shin-Chitose Airport(CTS).

Hotel reservation in Sapporo

I checked various hotel reservation sites, but clearly, booking.com is cheap for hotel reservations. It is convenient because you can choose from various hotels and locations and prices.

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