Overnight trip on Korankei and railroad SL & truck train [overnight from Tokyo and Osaka]

How about taking an overnight trip from Tokyo to Osaka or Kyoto? It is recommended if you want to go on an overnight trip with your family on weekends and holidays.

 Korankei and Railway SL & Dolly Train

Korankei, one of Tokai’s best spots

Every year in November, the Korankei Momiji Festival is held. In particular, Korankei maple is usually in full bloom from mid-November to late November.


For public transportation
・ From Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line “Higashi-Okazaki Station”, bus for Asuke approximately 70 minutes, get off at Korankei
・ From Aichi Loop Railway “Yakusa Station”, direct bus to Korankei about 60 minutes * Until 11 / 9-30
・ From Meitetsu Mikawa Line “Toyota City Station”, go to Meitetsu Bus Ashisuke for about 45 minutes and get off at Korankei

By car
From Toyo Expressway “Toyoda JCT”, get off at “Toyota Matsudaira IC” on Tokai Ring Expressway (if you have an ETC, get off at Kuragaike Smart IC), then take Route 153 towards Iida via prefectural road 39 15 km.

Tomei Expressway, get off at “Nagoya IC”, get off at Sanage Green Road, get off at “Rikiishi IC”. Travel time is 40 minutes.

Okuoi Railway Mine Train / Oigawa Railway SL Train

Enjoy the autumn leaves from the Okuoi Railway

Southern Alps Apto Line, the only Apt train in Japan that runs slowly in the valley of Ooi River and Okuoi. It is also called Oigawa Railway Igawa Line, and has a history that was built for the construction of the Oigawa River dam. There are many highlights such as 90 permil’s steepest slope in Japan, the highest railway bridge in Japan (Sekinosawa Bridge), and Lake Koujo Station, which seems to float on the lake.

It is the only railway company in Japan that operates SL for over 300 days a year. Please enjoy the best part of SL that runs in the idyllic landscape along the Oi River, which is the best in Japan as well as the total number of driving days and the number of active services.

If you take the train, head to Chizu Station. It is a base for Oku Oi sightseeing that goes by the Southern Alps Apto Line. It is also the terminal station of SL.

If you get on SL, it is convenient to go to Shin-Kanaya Station SL Center.

By train
Take the JR Tokaido Line “Kanaya Station”, move to the platform, and come to the Oigawa Expressway stop. A part of the platform is connected to Kanaya Station on Oigawa Railway. From Kanaya Station to Shin-Kanaya Station, it takes about 4 minutes by Oigawa Main Line local train.

By car
From Shintomei “Shimada Kanaya IC”, take Route 473 towards Kanaya City (South) for about 10 minutes. Or take National Route 473 from Tomei “Sagaraki Makinohara IC” in the direction of Shizuoka Airport (north) in about 15 minutes.

Recommended itinerary

Day 1-Korankei-Hotel (Recommended to stay in a hot spring where you can get tired of the day)
Day 2-Oku Oi Torokko Train / Oigawa Railway SL Train (I think it is not necessary to ride all the trains) Just between Gorge Onsen Station.

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